Life by its very nature has always been unpredictable. That is what makes it fun after all. For one reason or another, the times that we are living in seem to be particularly uncertain. With all the recent talk about possible energy rationing, you can’t go wrong being prepared for such an eventuality.

We have put a list of 5 things that would be useful for you to have at home in case of a blackout. These items would also be useful to have in any case so acquiring would be a good idea whether we end up experiencing blackouts this winter or not

Rechargeable Lights

These lights come as a pair and are great value for money that will help you of the lights go out. They are rechargeable so make sure you keep them charged up

LED Torch

Here we have another rechargeable light source. This one is a little brighter and easier to hold in your hand


Batteries, batteries, batteries. You can never have too many batteries when in comes to being prepared for an emergency. Make sure you stock up on these.

Fleece Blanket

It’s not just the lights that will go out, we may lose out on heating as well. In that case, this snuggly little number will do well to keep you warm for a few hours.

First Aid Kit

In the unfortunate event that the lights go out and you fall over before you get to one of your torch lights, then this first aid kit might just come in handy

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