3 Non Traditional Shelving Options for Your Home

Are your walls feeling a bit neglected? Tired of the same old wooden planks that everyone calls shelves? Fear not, because we’ve got some quirky, non traditional shelving options that will not only hold your stuff but also make your friends say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” 

Shelving offers a great solution for adding some additional storage, decoration or utility to your home. Here we share with you 3 innovative ways to add some shelving to your home.

Rather than just buying some ready-made shelving from some of the more well-known retailers, you can get creative with what you use for a shelf. For instance, you can choose to use some reclaimed wood

Non Traditional Shelving Options - Reclaimed wood

With one of these pieces of wood in your possession, the way to achieve the non-traditional look, is to incorporate the use of one of these innovative brackets.

1. Hook and Chain Rustic Bracket

Hook and chain bracket

This is a unique way to hang your shelves. The bracket is secured from the top and as it is secured to the wall with four screws, you can be rest assured, it will be very sturdy.

2. Industrial Pipe bracket

Industrial Pipe Bracket

These industrial pipe brackets can work well in most rooms in your house from the bathroom, the living room to the bedroom. You will need to make sure that these are installed correctly but once done properly, these will support pretty much anything you want to put on them.

3 Metal Triangle Shelf

Metal Triangle Shelf

If you prefer something a little more hidden, then these metal triangle brackets might be what you need. They will be visible from certain angles which can add some stylistic value to your shelves.

So there you have it. Three non traditional shelving options that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Not only are these ideas functional, but they also add a touch of personality to your space. Happy shelving!

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