7 Shelving Options For Your Home or Office

Shelving is a fundamental element in home organization, transforming spaces and enhancing functionality. Adding shelving to any space is a great way to increase storage and make said space look neater. In most cases nowadays, they can also add some style and decor to the room. Here are some shelving options to consider for your home or office.

Twin Slot Brackets

White Adjustable Wall Shelving
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The first shelving option we will look at is twin slot brackets. These shelves are a great option for both office and home. They offer a good level of versatility so you can create a unique design to suit your needs. Works well on both drywall and solid wall and you can choose the standard metallic shelves that the units normally come with, or choose another style of shelves. The twin slot system makes adjusting your shelves quick and easy. Shelves can be set to any height allowing you store products of various sizes and changed to a new height whenever you need. We are always available to help with the installation of these.

Floating Shelves


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Looking to add some style to a room? These shelves will definitely help with that. Whether it’s your living room, kitchen or office, give yourself the option to add some subtle decorations to your surroundings. Modern, stylish and minimalistic finish. Works well with picture frames, flowers, books or decorations. Relatively easy to install but of course we are always here to help.

Standing Shelving Options

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If you are not necessarily looking to hang anything on the walls then the Kallax from Ikea or any other standing shelves might be worth considering as well. The design of these shelves is relatively sturdy so they don’t need to be secured to a wall although that would be advised if there are children around. Ikea gives you several options as to how to make use of the shelves as well.

Corner Shelves

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These shelves provide an elegant way to improve the corners of your home or office. Ideally for decorative purposes but we’re sure you can also find storage use for them as well. Can be a little tricky to fit depending on the space but never too much trouble for a ninja.

Fixed Bracket Shelving

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We love installing handmade products and these shelving options are no exception to that rule. One of the great things about these shelves is that they will all have a slightly different look adding to their decorative appeal. They are solid so it is recommended that with these, you get a professional to do the installation. They will be sturdy to hold pretty much whatever you may need to put on them.

Hanging Shelves

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A slight variation on the floating effect, these are a slightly more sturdy option. By the nature of how they are hung, you would be able to put more on these than on a normal floating shelf. You could opt for different sizes to make them work for displaying your photo frames, plants, trophies, cosmetics, etc. Can also be used to keep your kitchen tidy by using them to store seasoning and sauce bottles.

Box Shelves

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The best version of these box shelves that you can get in our opinion is the Eket range from Ikea. An asymmetrical storage solution that becomes personally yours when filled with your belongings. With wall-mounted EKET, you make the most of the wall area, while freeing up space on the floor. It also gives you creative license to arrange the units however you want. No one will judge you :-). Again, professional installation is recommended

You are more than welcome to try and put up any of these shelving options on your own. In most cases, if you have the right tools and fittings for the job and some experience, then you should be fine. Of course though, if you are looking for some professional help, then look no further.

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