Should You Secure Flat Pack Furniture to the Wall?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding YES. You should definitely secure your flat pack furniture to the wall. As we have seen over the years, accidents with certain furniture can be fatal.

In some cases, it might be ok not to have your furniture fixed to the wall. If you trust your judgement then you can decide whether or not you think it’s necessary, but to be on the safe side, you should always try and secure your flat pack furniture to the wall if you can.

What’s the best type of wall to secure to?

Well, it’s not so much about the wall but more about the fixings you use. Concrete, for example, should be the most secure wall type, but we have come across cases where the wrong wall plugs were used which made the furniture not secure at all.

You are able to secure flat pack furniture to drywall, concrete would or metal, so long as you have the appropriate wall plugs. Generally, the fittings provided with most furniture are only suitable for concrete.

If you need to secure to drywall, you can use something similar to this type;

Secure Flat Pack furnite to wall

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Or you can use these;

Snap toggle bolts

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If you are proficient with a drill an have confidence in your abilities, then you should feel free to do this yourself. Of course, if you need some assistance to secure flat pack furniture to the wall,  we’d be happy to help.

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