The DIY Best Drill Bit for Tiles

When it comes to tiles, some people would rather avoid trying to drill a hole through them than to try and mount anything to them.

While tiles can be very tricky to drill through, there is no reason to let them stop your design ambitions. You will want to make sure you have the right tools of course. Having the right type of drill is important but even more important is having the right drill bit for tiles.

You will need a decent drill to be able to get through the tiles. We recommend using the slower speed setting. This may take a while but you’re less likely to damage the drill bit this way. It’s likely that the drill bit will get hot while doing this so make sure you have some water close by to cool down the drill bit as necessary.

Chosen Drill Bit

There is a range of drill bits for tiles on the market and some are better than others. We here at Flat Pack Ninja have been through quite a few brands. One that e have found to stand up to the test of most tiles so far is the Blackspur brand.

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Unlike other brands that we’ve tried, these bits don’t break as easily and still manage to get through some fairly hard tiles easily. For now, we would say that Blackspur makes the best drill bit for tiles.

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