Five Floating Shelves Ideas for Your Home

It almost seems like every time we put them up, we get different floating shelves ideas for homes. Maybe it’s because all the customers we do them for, have their own unique visions.

There is so much flexibility and options when it comes to floating shelves, it’s very rare to find people using them in the same way. One thing for sure though, these shelves can help you get more storage space. They will help you with decluttering if that’s a problem for you.

Here is a list of some idea that we like. You might find some inspiration for your own home too.


Floating Shelf Ideas 5
This one is likely to be a popular option for the ladies. There never seems to be enough space for your shoes. Somehow that doesn’t stop you from buying though. So you normally end up with stacks of shoes left in boxes, lost in some cupboard.

With this floating shelf idea, you get to put all your prized footwear on display. Or at least a lot more than you could in a cupboard. The only danger is, you might want to convert every wall in the house into shoe storage.


Floating Shelf Ideas

There’s no place too small or awkward for these floating shelves ideas. Making use of the corners of your home will make you feel better. At least we think so. We’re not sure what the Feng Shui rules are on this but as long as you can make it look interesting, it should be fine.


Floating Shelf Ideas 2

This is probably the most popular use for floating shelves. To put those good old memories on display for all to enjoy. The way you display the photos is up to you. It be a simple arrangement or you can feel free to let your imagination run wild.

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Floating Shelf Ideas 3

We bet you never thought of doing this eh? This is one of our favourite designs to implement. It works very well on a large, spacious wall.
It can be both functional and decorative. You can even just leave the shelves bare and tell your friends that it’s an art installation by a famous artist. Have fun trying to convince them that you paid thousands for it.


Floating Shelf Ideas 4

Told you there’s no place that these floating shelves ideas won’t fill. You can make your toilet/bathroom look a lot neater with a small, simple addition like this one.

If you’ve been looking at a part of your wall for the longest time wondering what to do with it, it might that a floating shelf is just the thing you need. They can provide a sophisticated look to any room of your house and you can get some quality looking shelves at reasonable prices.

Some retailers you can get floating shelves from include;

When you’re ready to put your shelves up, if you don’t feel confident enough to do them yourself, then feel free to give us a call.


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