Littlewoods Florence 7 Drawer Assembly with Flat Pack Ninja

Well about a day of trying to figure where to start with putting together this chest of drawers from the Florence range at Littlewoods together, a customer decides to give us a call to come in and apply some Flat Pack emergency care. There’s nothing wrong with trying to handle your own flat pack assembly after all.

To be honest, we can’t find fault with the customer. The Littlewoods Florence 7 drawer assembly is probably in the top 5 of most difficult things to assemble due to the number of pieces included and the ‘not as clear as can be’ instructions.

After the hard work though, you are left with a beautiful piece of furniture.

Littlewoods Florence 7 Drawer Assembly with Flat Pack Ninja

This can definitely make a big difference to your bedroom and looks like a luxury piece of furniture. The dimensions are as follows;

  • Height – 82 cm
  • Width – 114 cm
  • Depth – 42 cm

If you are feeling brave an want to tackle this one yourself, feel free but if you enjoy a stress-free life, book a Littlewoods Florence 7 Drawer assembly today from as little as £70.

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