Wardrobe 180 Assembly with Flat Pack Ninja

Looking to create some additional storage space in your bedroom? Well, you can’t go wrong with this wardrobe from Dako Furniture. This elegant piece of furniture will transform the look of any room.

Be warned though, it’s important to measure your room properly first to make sure you can accommodate this beauty.

Wardrobe 180 Assembly

It’s dimensions are as follows;

  • Width – 180
  • Height – 200
  • Depth – 62cm

When carrying out a wardrobe 180 assembly for a customer recently, we knew just from lifting the packaging that we were dealing with top quality furniture.

While you’re more than welcome to try an assemble yourself, you might soon come to the realisation that you might need some professional help with this one.

In which case, Flat Pack Ninja is just a phone call away – 07904 400 416

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