5 Decorative Kitchen Knobs for Under £5

It’s always good practice to try and spend money wisely but in the middle of the cost of living crisis we’re facing, being economically savvy becomes even more important. In that spirit, we have compiled a list of 5 decorative kitchen knobs that look great and are easy on the pocket.

Why bother renovating at all you may ask? Well some studies have shown that home improvement can help to improve your mental health. Not only that , but making your environment more aesthetically pleasing can lift your spirit and mood. With these discount cabinet pulls we have compiled for you, you can carry out some satisfying DIY work without breaking the bank.

T Bar Handle Discount Kitchen Pull

T Bar Handle Discount Kitchen Pull – £3.67

Bow Decorative Kitchen Handle

Bow Decorative Kitchen Handle – £2.68

Vintage Decorative Kitchen Handle – £2.99

Gold and Ceramic Handle – £1.79

Antique Bronze Cabinet Pull – £2.29

Time to Treat Yourself

Either one of these handles you choose can add some uplift to your kitchen. They come with everything you need to install them yourself, or of course, we are always here to help as well should you need it.

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