3 Handy TV Brackets to Use for Dry Wall

You’ve taken the step to invest in a brand new TV but now something doesn’t feel right. Looking on it sitting on TV stand is ok, but it does get the juices going. The wall! That’s where it needs to be. You knock on the wall and hear that hollow sound that reminds you it’s dry wall. You then lift the TV to remind you of its weight and your heart sinks a bit. “I wonder what TV bracket I should use for dry wall?”

Simple answer, yes there is. Although the trick is making sure you use the correct fittings. Here are 3 examples of brackets that you can use when mounting your TV on plasterboard.

3 TV Brackets to use for dry wall available for under £20

This fixed bracket will keep your TV in a fixed position on the wall. Also allows you to tilt the screen. Available from only £14.99
This bracket allows you a bit more movement with your TV. Pull forward and swivel from left to right. Available from £15.99

Similar to the previous bracket, this one will allow a lot more movement for your TV. Available from

Mounting a TV is something you can do yourself if you are fairly confident with your DIY skills. The best solution with making sure that the bracket is mounted safely on dry wall is to find the studs in the wall. Securing the bracket into the studs will ensure that they can safely support most TVs.

However, it is not always the case that you can find or use the studs in the wall ,especially if you want the TV in a particular position. In this scenario, you can safely rely on spring toggles. These work great on dry wall/plasterboard to secure brackets in circumstances where the studs are not useable.

Spring Toggle Fasteners are best for securing TV to Plasterboard

The recommended size for securing TVs is M5

Spring toggle fixings work great on dry wall and will provide the security you need to feel relaxed that your TV will stay on the wall. The best drill bit to use is a size 16mm.

Best drill bit for use with a 16mm drill bit

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