One rule to always follow as a Ninja, is to be willing to try new things. When one of my clients contacted me recently saying that they may have bitten off more than they can chew with their latest purchase, I was certainly curious to find out more. When they told me they wanted to transform a bedroom wall with acoustic panels, I said…ok.

Not knowing exactly what they meant, I agreed to come and take a look. Based on the description of what they said, I told them it’s not something I had done before but was confident in my ability to get it done.

I decided to attend the job on my own with the intention of just assessing and not necessarily completing the job. Once I got there and saw the packages of panels on the floor, I was perplexed and as to how he managed to get them inside his flat. He was on the 14th floor and the lift was small.

Bearing in mind, we are talking about some tall and heavy packages here. It was a stroke of luck for him that improvement works were being done on the block of flats, so there was scaffolding erected. He had to get some of the workers to help him get the panels up via the scaffolding

I decided to unwrap one of the packages to see what I was dealing with. I installed one panel after trimming it down to the right dimensions. That was fairly easy and straightforward to do so I let the client know that I could definitely get the job done. I would just need to check my diary for availability.

Before I left though, I was curious to see how well they would fit together, so I installed another one. After that, I was committed. There was something therapeutic about transforming the wall piece by piece. I couldn’t stop. It was just supposed to be a visit to assess the job but ended up being a full installation.

Transform Your Walls with Hand Crafted Acoustic Tiles

Credit to the Wood Veneer Hub for making a fantastic looking and intuitive to install product. These panels are a great option for transforming any wall in your home. If you’re fairly competent with DIY, you should be able to manage but be warned, the panels can be a bit of a workout to deal with if you’re by yourself.

Of course if you need any help with it, we are only a contact form away.

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